Getting Started
Since most churches do not have a full-time webmaster that can upload sermons and maintain them every week, we make it our goal to make it as easy as possible for you so there’s little to no extra work on your end. The basic requirements are that you are currently recording your messages in some digital form, and it is recommended that you have a means of posting a link that can point to your messages from your website. Once that’s done, the rest is up to us. No extra server space needed—we take care of it!

What you get
We customize your podcast so it stands out from the rest. You get a unique program with its own introduction, a summary of the message and basic church info (location, web address, etc.)

Your podcast will have its own unique URL and RSS feed (which allows you to subscribe to the podcast). We will create a
FeedBurner page, which makes subscribing easier and more convenient and helps publish your podcast to the widest number of pod-catchers.

By far, iTunes is one of the most popular places for finding and downloading podcasts. Yours will also be found on this convenient piece of free software.

It's hard to find as good a price just for online storage. With myChurchCast we take care of the storage for you.


Podcast  *   *     *
Storage (3 mos)     *
Storage (6 mos) *
Storage (1 yr)    *
Custom intro/exit      *     *

Basic:       $100/mo
Standard: $120/mo
Premium: $140/mo

*discount if year paid up front
**does not include $100 one-time set-up fee
What we offer
Click to get a printable version of our proposal and packages here.
Plus, get a free audio player that can post your sermons right to your website!